About Ducale

From the first lever-operated machines to the present technologically-advanced automatic vending machines, coffee has always been mainstream in our DNA.

Ducale’s origins date back to 1954, year in which the coffee-machine maker started business under the name of Duchessa. Duchessa was renamed Ducale in 1960. The first machines produced were lever-operated but were soon replaced by those offering constant dispensing.

In the first half of the sixties, the Horeca segment saw the arrival of the first espresso coffee machine in the world that was completely automatic, capable of performing all the operations necessary to produce a cup of espresso starting from the coffee beans.
Thanks to its success, the company changed location and, having larger premises available, dedicated its activities to the production of automatic vending machines; 1969 sees the launching of the first automatic machine with the Ducale brand destined to the vending sector.
This event will be followed by a series of models destined to become historical Ducale vending machines, such as the C120 range.

In 1984, to satisfy new market requirements, Ducale designs and produces the Chicca table-top dispenser, with an electro-mechanical coffee unit and mono-dose grinder, both patented.

1987 sees the debut of the Portarossa series, characterizing production of the 700 cup range in those years. There were numerous versions of this line of automatic machines, with hydraulic coffee units, mono-dose grinding system, double boiler, self-supporting frame openable also from the side, cooling unit with ice bank (for combo versions) and, starting from 1991, with microprocessor electronic controls.

A few steps later and, in 1990, the first automatic vending machine – Ducale Montecarlo – was presented, completely electronic and controlled by a microprocessor.

In 1995, finding itself in need of larger premises to handle increased business, the company moved to its present site where, in far-off 1998, production of the Calypso model began.
This machine, exploiting yet another Ducale patent, contains a particular mechanism, controlled by a microprocessor. This "mechanical arm", after picking up the cup, positions it under the various dispensers to receive the ingredients necessary to prepare the selected drink.
In the early years of the new millennium several models were launched, all marking the history of the Ducale company, such as the Daytona (first model provided with the patented Mixerless system), as well as the Discovery and the Star Living.

The company’s new range, named City, was launched in the early 2000s.

City marks a new era for Ducale, thanks to a renewed look and new technologies. Over the years, this range has been updated with a series of components, such as the Vision door and – last but not least – the Vacuum system, which have caught the attention of an increasing number of consumers.