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Our constant search for a perfect coffee has made the Ducale company a guiding star in this segment.

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Ducale's innovations

Vacuum System

Vacuum System

Ducale’s vacuum system was designed with the aim to solve one of the biggest problems in the vending sector: how to store the coffee beans. 
Thanks to the innovative Ducale system, nowadays it is possible to keep unaltered their quality and organoleptic characteristics for long periods. The device, invented and patented by Ducale, completely automatically creates and maintains a vacuum inside the coffee bean canister so consumers are guaranteed the quality of freshly ground beans when selecting their beverage.

Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brewer

The heart of Ducale vending machines. Designed and produced in premium materials, our coffee brewer always delivers an exceptional product. 
The brewing chamber is kept constantly at a high temperature and the whole unit involved in dispensing is in steel. Two pistons, controlled by two motors, complete the picture by performing the same operations that a barman would carry out: first the freshly-ground coffee is pressed from above then closed by the piston below.

Multi cups


With the innovative multi-cups system, Ducale gives consumers the possibility to taste their choice of drink in the most appropriate cup format. According to the model of vending machine, the owner can offer the choice of 2 or 3 different cups, or opt for the exclusive composition of 2 cups plus lid, offering a full coffee-to-go experience.

Vision Door

Vision Door

When designing the new range of vending machines, there was the fervid intent to create and allow the vision of the machine’s internal workings. This led to the Vision door, a true and proper window from which to observe all the movements made from selecting the drink to its dispensing, starting from when the coffee beans are ground.


About Ducale

Ducale’s origins date back to 1954, year in which the coffee-machine maker started business under the name of Duchessa. Duchessa was renamed Ducale in 1960. 
The first machines produced were lever-operated but were soon replaced by those offering constant dispensing.
In the first half of the sixties, the Horeca segment saw the arrival of the first espresso coffee machine in the world that was completely automatic, capable of performing all the operations necessary to produce a cup of espresso starting from the coffee beans... 

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History of Ducale

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